Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics / Institutio Hemisférico de Performance& Política  is a ten-year old initiative based at New York University, founded and directed by Diana Taylor, and largely funded by the Ford Foundation. The Institute sponsors Encuentros (major conference-festivals that take place every two years), a vast digital archive of hemispheric performance practices, an online journal, field courses, and sites of cultural production in Latin America. Members in the Institute include a variety of U.S. universities and academic institutions throughout the Americas.

In 2005, the University of Manitoba became the first Canadian university formally affiliated with the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics at New York University. The CCPPA brings nine other universities in Canada as partners in this project and as members of the Institute. This partnership ensures that senior, mid-career and new scholars in many disciplines, from almost all regions of Canada, gain access and contribute to the intellectually fertile dialogues of the Hemispheric Institute.