dr. peter kulchyski


principle investigator - university of manitoba


my work has been focused on issues around the intersection of indigenous culture, history, politics and law with specific relevance to the mid and far north of canada. i have been politically engaged in struggles over lands and resources in northern ontario, northern manitoba, nunavut and the northwest territories. i have documented contemporary land use and occupancy of dene and inuit hunting families and have studied political and social life in northern communities (with the ‘fact’ of community itself situated near the core of much of my thinking).

my research has generally moved from the study of formal political institutions (aboriginal self government; assembly government in the nwt and nunavut) to examinations of cultural politics embedded in everyday life in northern communities. this has lead to my interest in performance; in both my book like the sound of a drum and my essay “six gestures” i attended to issues of writing with the body through everyday gestures that seemed to bear the mark of social values. more recently i have developed work on dene masculinity and dene speech ethics that draw extensively on work in performance studies.