Call for submissions for Postdoctoral Fellowship

Application period now closed

The Canadian Consortium on Performance and Politics in the Americas is an interdisciplinary network of scholars, artists, activists and universities engaged in critical dialogue and research that will develop and extend insights about the ethical-political performatics of Canada in the Americas.

The Consortium invites submissions for postdoctoral candidates interested in projects that investigate the distinctive ethical-political dimensions of the American hemisphere as a site of social, cultural and political agency. From the historical fact of the conquest, to the contemporary emergence of distinct issues (such as disappearances, indigenous rights, and social dislocation and migration), the American hemisphere offers a rich field of comparisons that researchers could fruitfully engage. We ask the questions ‘how is Canada part of the Americas?’ and ‘what does that mean in relation to Canadian engagements with the rest of the Americas?’ We also explore as a second, related question, the insights that emerging performance studies approaches offer to scholars in Canada. Performance studies is conceived of here broadly and includes the study of performance artists, socially embedded everyday-life gestures, the meaning of citizenship, the articulation of gender difference, or enactment of ritual in a religious context, to specify a few sites of investigation. Politics is a central concern but rather than the politics of formal institutions our lens is aimed at wider issues in the cultural sphere. We look at how Canada’s identity across the Americas is performed through formal and informal mechanisms, structures, gestures, dialogues, and embodied practices.

Postdoctoral fellows will be based at one of the Consortium partner institutions, which include the Universities of Manitoba, Winnipeg, British Columbia, Toronto, Windsor, and Quebec at Montreal, and York, Ontario College of Art and Design, Concordia, New York Universities. The one-year Fellowship would be for the period July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019 and will be valued at $42,000. Submissions should include a proposed supervisor who would normally be one of the co-investigators or collaborators; applicants may not hold an SSHRC post-doctoral fellowship simultaneously; applicants must be within three years of completing their PHDs. Proposals should be no more than three pages (750 words) in length, not including bibliography (which can be up to five pages). The three page proposal should include a discussion of how the candidate’s post-doctoral work would build upon and depart from the candidate’s doctoral research and a statement of how the work will fit within the priorities and activities of the Consortium.

Please submit a curriculum vitae with the proposal, and have two supporting academic reference letters, sent to Kimberley Wilde at by March 29, 2018. Questions may also be directed to Ms Wilde.